Information for researchers

CA:RING (Children and Adolescents: Research Involvement for the Next Generation) is a community designed to improve public involvement in healthcare research. Our community has over 200 members, which includes young people (aged 11 to 24) and parents, carers and guardians.

If you are a researcher and would like CA:RING to support Patient and Public Involvement for your project, please read the information on this page and scroll down to “Apply here“.

Help us understand researcher needs

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We are interested in hearing from researchers from all sectors and with all levels of Patient and Public Involvement experience (including none at all!)

How can CA:RING help?

We can offer a range of advice and support for researchers, including those who do not have much (or any!) experience with Patient and Public Involvement.

Involving the public can help you identify and address gaps in your research design, understand the wider systemic and social context of your findings, and make your work more competitive for funding applications and publication.

For example, our Advisory Group can:

  • Help you identify a research topic or question which is particularly relevant or important to young people today
  • Help you think through the practicalities of your research design
  • Help you revise information sheets or study materials to make sure the content is clear and accessible
  • Help you interpret your research findings within a real world context
  • Help you identify limitations within your study or consider follow-up research questions
  • Help you find public representatives from a specific background or demographic to support your project in the long term.

How does it work?

Complete the application form with some information about your project. A member of CA:RING will be in touch to let you know if we are the right place to help you with what you’re after.

Attend a brief introductory meeting with CA:RING staff. We will give you some guidance for how to make the best out of coming to the Advisory Group(s), what to expect, and how to prepare.

Present your study and problem or question to a group of young people and/or parents. Our facilitators will support you throughout. The group members will ask clarifying questions, help you work through your problem and advise you on next steps.

At the end of your involvement with CA:RING, complete a feedback form to a) update our members on how CA:RING has helped shape your project and what feedback you were able to incorporate (or not!), and b) help us understand your experience as a researcher and how we can improve the process.

Interested in working with CA:RING?

Complete the application form.

This application form is not for recruiting study participants – for example, if you need more participants for an online questionnaire. It is for Patient and Public Involvement activities.

We do have plans for circulating research opportunities in our monthly newsletter. Please check back later for this option to become available.